About Michael

Michael Ungar, Ph.D., is a Family Therapist and Professor of Social Work at Dalhousie University where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Child, Family and Community Resilience. Since 2002, Dr. Ungar has directed the Resilience Research Centre, designing multisite longitudinal research and evaluation projects in more than a dozen low, middle, and high-income countries, with much of that work focused on the resilience of marginalized children and families, and adult populations experiencing mental health challenges. His studies have focused on the resilience of children and families involved with child welfare and mental health services, refugee and immigrant youth populations and community resilience, including resilience to violent extremism. Dr. Ungar has published over 180 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on the subject of resilience and is the author of 15 books for mental health professionals, researchers and lay audiences. These include Change Your World: The Science of Resilience and the True Path to Success, a book for adults experiencing stress at work and at home, The Social Ecology of Resilience: A Handbook for Theory and Practice for researchers, and Working with Children and Youth with Complex Needs, a book for clinicians. His blog, Nurturing Resilience, can be read on Psychology Today’s website.

“Your talks really brought resilient theory in practice to life and the feedback I received from those who I did speak to afterwards echoed this. Attendees felt you provided inspiration, clarity and a lot of food for thought.”

– Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive of Young Minds UK

Praise for Michael Ungar

“Professor Ungar is regarded internationally as a vital resource for enhancing science, policies, and programs fostering well-being amongst young people everywhere” – Richard Lerner, Ph.D, Author of the Good Teen. Bergstrom Chair in Applied Development Science. Director of Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development, Tuffs University.
“Dr. Ungar is an engaging presenter, concise and presents material in an accessible format. His style is very engaging and the material he presented was incredibly relevant to me as an advisor, and as a parent.” – Conference Attendee
“Michael Ungar is an engaging speaker! I enjoyed his use of humor, personal stories while weaving in the resilience research.” – Conference Attendee
“Michael Ungar’s presentation was fantastic and very informative – I will most definitely be looking into his research – it was so fascinating and relevant!” – Conference Attendee