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Michael Ungar, Ph.D. is the founder and Director of the Resilience Research Centre at Dalhousie University. His ground-breaking work as a family therapist and resilience researcher is recognized around the world. He lives in Halifax, Canada.

Full Bio:

Michael Ungar, PhD’s full bio can be found on his about page by clicking here.

Dr. Ungar as a Speaker:

Known for his engaging speaking style, Michael Ungar uses the power of story-telling to drive home essential lessons learned from his experience working with youth, their families, adults, and the professionals that support them in clinical, community and workplace settings.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Your talks really brought resilient theory in practice to life and the feedback I received from those who I did speak to afterwards echoed this. Attendees felt you provided inspiration, clarity and a lot of food for thought.” – Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive of Young Minds UK

“Michael Ungar’s presentation was fantastic and very informative – I will most definitely be looking into his research. It was so fascinating and relevant!” – Conference Attendee

“Michael Ungar is an engaging speaker! I enjoyed his use of humor and personal stories while weaving in the resilience research.” – Conference Attendee

“Dr. Ungar is concise and presents material in an accessible format. His style is very engaging and the material he presented was incredibly relevant to me as an advisor, and as a parent.” – Conference Attendee

Sample Presentations:

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For Media:

An Expert on Resilience, Parenting, and Risk

Michael Ungar, PhD, is one of the world’s leading authorities on resilience in children, young people, and adults. His direct but engaging style makes him a popular interview subject and his easy on-air presence makes him a perfect choice when looking for an expert on the topics of resilience, parenting, and risk.

Michael has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows, including Good Morning Atlanta and the CBC (both their radio and television services), and has given his expert opinion in a broad range of print and online media, including USA Today, Macleans, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, Reader’s Digest, the Christian Science Monitor and

Michael’s books for parents have been published in Canada, the USA, Australia, China, Japan, and France. His book I Still Love You: Nine Things Troubled Kids Need from their Parents, is for parents of children with serious emotional, psychological and behavioural challenges. In it, Michael offers nine things that parents can do to make children change troubling behaviours and be more resilient. In Too Safe for Their Own Good: How Risk and Responsibility Help Teens Thrive, Michael shows parents how our mania to keep kids safe from harm is causing them to miss out on the many benefits that come from experiencing manageable amounts of risk and responsibility. Michael calls this “the risk-taker’s advantage”.

Some of the subjects that Michael can speak on with the media are:

  • The benefits of risk-taking for children and youth.
  • How to engage children and adolescents better at school.
  • Resilience in the workplace and at home.
  • Adult resilience.
  • Parenting strategies for all ages of children.
  • Resilience of children, youth and families, and what it takes for all of us to thrive.
  • Delinquency, bullying, domestic violence and other concerns for our children.
  • Resilience across cultures.
  • Design of social services (child welfare, corrections and mental health).

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