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Here you will find the books, articles, and resources that Dr. Ungar has created to help parents and caregivers improve their child’s resilience and wellbeing.

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Dr. Michael Ungar talks about his book I Still Love You: Nine Things Troubled Kids Need from Their Parents in this video introduction.

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In I Still Love You, Dr. Ungar teaches parents the nine things their kids need in order to thrive. To help you put his advice into practice, we’ve created a set of cue cards that you can download, print, and carry with you or display in your home. Referring to them often will help you remember what you can do to make children change troubling behaviours and be more resilient.

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“I read your book and was singing its praises. Thank you for offering insights in such a compelling and accessible way, while also conveying the power of a community of parents who can support each other in sorting out the challenges that emerge on this remarkable journey that keeps us young and makes us old all at once! I appreciated your book, and how effectively it shares the research that underpins the lessons embedded within.”

– Sharon Wood | President & CEO of Kids Help Phone

Dr. Michael Ungar also writes a blog for parents over at Psychology Today.

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Books for Parents

I Still Love You (2015)

This book for parents of children with serious emotional, psychological and behavioural challenges offers nine practical and effective strategies that parents can use to make children change troubling behaviours and become more resilient. Told as the story of three families that meet together weekly with Dr. Ungar at his office, each family’s struggles and successes are proof that with a little guidance and the power of unconditional love, any child can be helped to heal and reconnect.

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We Generation (2009)

Through inspiring stories taken from Dr. Ungar’s clinical work with children, youth, and families, and research gathered from around the world he shows how the close connections kids crave and the support that adults provide can help kids realize their full potential.

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Too Safe for Their Own Good (2007)

If we think back to when we were young, didn’t risks and responsibilities help prepare us for the challenges we would face later in life? In this book, Dr. Ungar shares what he has learned from families who have found ways to provide their children with the right amount of risk and responsibility.

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Playing at Being Bad (2007)

Our most troubled youth are far more resilient and healthy than we care to admit. If we take the time to listen to our children, we hear an entirely different story about their lives than the one we adults tell. Unlike many other books about difficult kids that reflect the wisdom of adults, this one explores the truth of adolescence.

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